However, the vagaries of what makes a talented broodmare compared to her less capable peers have eluded the industry for years.  Often, the breeding potential of a horse cannot be deduced until they are well into their third or fourth progeny.  This can leave a massive expense, as farms often have to divest from mares that don’t match their standard at a significant loss.  At Equine Analysis Systems, our Broodmare Assessment Protocol can assist you in determining which mares are going to be a good fit for your breeding operation well before you have to make a significant investment.  We take physiological and physical data and analyze the results to predict what kind of return your potential investment is going to produce.  We have found that key traits are remarkably heritable, and we can provide insight into a mare’s potential that can considerably help a breeder’s bottom line.  Additionally, when the progeny of the mare is enrolled in our Early Development Protocol, we can track the development of the yearling as compared to our predictions.  Linking these two programs can provide the breeder with a plethora of information to make informed and predictive decisions both regarding the future of the mare and her yearling. 

Our Broodmare Protocol can be conducted on females of any age.  While the accuracy of our analysis increases as the mare becomes older, we can provide insight into the breeding potential of any filly once she reaches a year of age.

1 Cardiovascular Competence Exam, with Cardiac Breeding Potential Analysis

1 Fotoselect Exam with Breeding Potential Report

These reports are analyzed by our veterinarians to help you gain the information you need.  Keep in mind that our Broodmare Assessment Protocol is specifically designed to aid in breeding management, it does not provide any insight into the racing potential of an animal.   Please contact us so we can determine how the Broodmare Assessment Protocol can ensure the investment in your breeding stock.  .