Protocol provides the information you need to increase your homebred program’s efficiency.  First, we provide you with physiological, physical, and genetic information about your horses.  We then work together to find which horses match your program’s goals and which animals need to be prepared for sale.  Unlike our competitors, our unique statistical studies on growth (based on 40,000 case studies) allow us to extrapolate in May your horse’s capabilities in September.  This gives you more information when making pressing decisions about the future of your horses.   It also allows us to monitor for any pronounced changes in a horse's development that may be caused by latent illness or other factors that have gone unnoticed.  This allows you to be more informed about the status of your horses, and more responsive to the needs of the individual animal. 

Equine Analysis Systems is focused on information accessibility.  That is why we deliver our reports in the manner most accessible to you.  We work with our clients existing information systems to integrate our analysis in a cohesive way.  For some clients this results in utilizing external servers, emailed reports, or even presentations where our veterinarians report directly to the client in our especially equipped conference room.
We look forward to discussing what system will work most effectively with your operation. 

3 Cardiovascular Competence Exams

3 FotoSelect ® Analysis

1 Genetic Profile

These tests are then compiled to create 3 reports by one of our qualified, experienced veterinarians. We have the knowledge to take scientific data and turn it into useful and accessible information. Our reports are issued in December of the Weanling year, April of the Yearling Year, and either prior to the September Sale or Prior to breaking depending on your horse’s career.