Protocol, it allows us to compare her physiological and physical attributes to the stallions in our databases.  This allows you to maximize the potential of any mare in your stock and even to predict the physiological and conformational attributes of your foals.  Once you have invested in the Broodmare Assessment Protocol, using the Mating Assessment Protocol can be a very cost effective way of implementing scientific information into your breeding decisions. 

Since our system includes conformational, cardiovascular, and genetic data you are assured that our recommended mating is based multiple variables to ensure precision. Additionally when the progenies’ of our recommended matings are placed in the Early Development Protocol, it allows our veterinarians to ensure their prediction’s accuracy. Integrating these two protocols also provides more information when procuring recommendations for the next generation’s mating forecast. Predictive Mating Analysis is truly a unique way to integrate scientific data into your farm’s mating and breeding decisions

Our Broodmare Protocol can be conducted on females of any age.  While the accuracy of our analysis increases as the mare becomes older, we can provide insight into the breeding potential of any filly after September of their Yearling Year. 

Implementing the Mating Assessment Protocol requires your mare to have completed the Broodmare Assessment Protocol.  Once Equine Analysis Systems has your mare’s data, it only takes a simple phone call or email to share with us your prospective matings.  Our veterinarians then compare your mare’s physical attributes with your list of designated stallions.  We then issue a report with our recommendation for your selected matings.