The modern thoroughbred is starting fewer races and is expected to prove their potential earlier in their careers.  In order to get the most out of your horse, and maximize his ability, you need to have the information to make correct training and racing decisions. Our Optimize Racing Assessment provides you with just that information by examining three dimensions of your horse’s track performance: his breathing, motion, and his physiological response to fatigue.  These three dimensions give our veterinarians a unique insight into your horse’s racing ability, and allow them to work with you to optimize your horse’s racing and training plan. 

Our system works fully with any horse that is capable of breezing 5 furlongs in one minute, but information on respiration and motion can be gathered with only one sub 12-second furlong. The information gathered is applicable in a variety of scenarios.  For instance, our program can help identify 2 Year Olds that have the attributes for graded success while providing insight into surface and distance preferences.  For older horses, our program can assist trainers making tough placement decisions, or who want to investigate an apparent drop off in performance. 

Our program is particularly effective when it is applied to graduates of our Early Development Protocol.  In this instance our veterinarians can make a more holistic recommendation, as they are able to consider your horse’s cardiovascular, conformational, and genetic aptitudes.  Additionally they will have a thorough understanding of your horse’s growth data, giving them supplementary information to integrate into their evaluation. 

For horses that are not graduates of our Early Development Protocol, our veterinarian will usually recommend a Cardiovascular Competence, and FotoSelect ® examination so he or she can provide a more thorough analysis.  These tests are not required, but they do aid in understanding and allow more information to be presented to the horseman.

To analyze the potential of a 2YO in training our Protocol calls for:
1 Metabolic Response to Exercise Exam

1 The Wind Test ® Exam

1 Motion Efficiency Exercise Exam

To analyze the potential of a horse in training, our protocol calls for our skilled veterinarians can identify your horse’s gait, metabolic and breathing efficiencies.  The Wind Test ® also allows us to identify breathing pathology that would go unnoticed by traditional and dynamic scoping procedures. For horses that haven’t gone through our Yearling Development Protocol, we also suggest performing a Cardiovascular Competence, Fotoselect, and Genetic Profile so that we can provide a more comprehensive insight into the ability of your racehorse. The requirements of our assessment program are very exact, so please contact us and a member of our team can review how this protocol can be easily implanted into your racing program.