Deciding when to invest, or to strategically divest, from potential stallion prospects are some of the most challenging and costly decisions made by horse managers. The financial repercussions from dedicating resources to a stallion that fails to live up to his perceived potential are immense and multigenerational. However, investing successfully in a stallion can dramatically and positively impact the bottom line of even the world’s largest organizations. For years, important stallion decisions were based on pedigree and track performance alone. Now, however, horsemen can use scientific information to help predict a stallions breeding potential and thus more accurately assess their value.

Empirical studies have shown that a stallion’s stud fee, quite sensibly, is highly correlated with his progeny’s performance. Our unique system is thus designed to identify the particular traits conducive to producing capable offspring. The system uses phenotypic, genotypic, and information from the stallion’s track performance and provides a quantitative result to help our clients make a more informed decision.

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